Nick Pankosky, CPT, CNC


Nick is an avid fitness enthusiast. He has eaten, lived, and breathed fitness for the last seven years of his life. After discovering he had naturally low testosterone and high estrogen he became very intrigued in hormones, only to find out the amount of accurate information and education available was severely lacking. In response, he set out on a mission to study all aspects of hormones, so that one day he would be able to help others optimize their hormones and live their best possible lives. Nick finally has the opportunity to help bring that knowledge to the patients of Confidence 360 and he could not be more excited. Being an HRT patient himself Nick is able to relate to our patients who require hormonal help. He is able to show them that the process is not as frightening as many people perceive it to be, and demonstrate to them that it can create a tremendous improvement to their quality of life. Nick is also qualified as a CPT and CNC. Diet, Training, and Hormones are the pillars to fitness, and Nick can help patients execute on all three.  IG nick1188